Do you want to learn to code for free?

Do you want to learn to code for free?

Then come to SoloLearn. You learn to code for free.

This is an amazing free resource. The lessons are interactive and you can learn on your iPhone as well. I have paid money at other places to learn and those courses are not necessarily better. Just because you pay for a course doesn’t mean the instruction is useful.

Coding now is so much easier than it used to be. Growing up I used to use languages that were unforgiving when you made a small mistake. Now there are programming environments that tell you exactly how to fix the mistake you made and even give you suggestions to be more efficient. What a great help this is to beginners.

Coding is not impossible but it does take some effort to initially learn. There are concepts that few people were taught in school. I attended classes at many universities and I have found that web based training like this to be more effective than anything I was taught in a college classroom. Yes there are advantages for college learning, but life can be most improved by learning in every way you can.

Isn’t it exciting that you can learn from this and then in time get a job to use those skills you gained for free? Now people have a way to become self sufficient even when their community and leaders have failed them. I read about a town that had coal miners and the coal jobs left. Those miners studied coding and now they have an even better future than they had in the past.

When people are motivated everything and anything can happen. Imagine working remotely or working whenever you want because you have skills the market needs. I think one day people like me who manage technology and computers will be out of a job. Computers will one day be able to fix themselves. Until that day however, using this site will help you prepare to be useful to lots of employers.

Update: I took a basic HTML class and I liked it. It was interactive, had tests and here is my certificate.

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