Kindness presents its own opportunities

Kindness presents its own opportunities

Kindness presents its own opportunities to be kind.

I once worked at a place that had a vending machine that would sometimes stop working. The credit card reader would stop recognizing the cards. I called them to let them know. When the guy arrived I happened to be near the machine and told him how it didn’t work for me and showed him by sliding my card. He quickly fixed the problem and asked me to test it. The reward for testing it was a free snack!

It happened again and I called them but I didn’t see the guy come back. However I found an extra snack at the bottom. I was going to give it to the receptionist but she wouldn’t know what to do with it. So instead there was one of the cleaning people in the room and I gave it to her. She was surprised but very happy.

If someone complains that I should have done something different with that extra snack I will pay for it out of my own pocket. Often in life you have an opportunity to be kind without any cost to yourself. It didn’t cost me for that snack. I didn’t want the snack. It didn’t even cost me in a loss of things that I could eat. Often we have things we could share with others but we don’t. Why is that?

I look in my closet and things I no longer wear I give to charity. I know many people don’t. Some people hold onto their things forever. That isn’t the kind of life I want. If I have something and I don’t use it, why not let someone else benefit from it? It is no loss to me. In fact giving to others make you feel good, so that is a gain.

Every time I have given to others I feel good. It is so simple. Maybe that woman didn’t eat. Maybe she didn’t have money to eat. Maybe she just appreciated my kindness. Maybe she didn’t want it and was being kind to me. No matter, you give and the consequences are no longer yours to worry about.

If everyone gave a little, the world would change a lot.

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