What is the best WordPress host for me?

What is the best WordPress host for me?

If you want the fastest host you will want to use Wpengine. Be aware however that they are one of the most expensive hosts. Their cheapest plan is $35 per month, and it can be hundreds of dollars for more expensive ones. They took over Synthesis which I formerly found the fastest web host, but it wasn’t reliable for me.

If you want the best support, you will want to use InMotion. I found them a delight to use, and they had excellent customer support. They tend to be more expensive as well, but they were very reliable. I was very pleased with them. I only switched from them because I like trying web hosting companies.

I am using SiteGround now because I kept reading on forums over and over how many people like them. I like them as well. The speed is good, very close to the fastest I have experienced for far less money. The money is less and I am on the GrowBig plan. The middle plan but good enough for my level of traffic. They have been reliable and I don’t have any complaints. The customer support is helpful and quick although slightly worse than InMotion. Still for the cheaper price, it is not terrible.

I am not an affiliate and I do not get money by you clicking on any links. I am just sharing this so you can see which are good hosts to support.

Avoid: Bluehost, Fatcow, GoDaddy, and anything you see that has affiliate links in reviews. For that matter avoid VPS machines since they are not faster even if they promise higher spec hardware. It isn’t worth dealing with the windows/linux interface.

According to Pagespeed I am close to the highest page speed (B+) but I only saw the highest google page speed rating on Synthesis which no longer exists. Since I do not make money with this website, it doesn’t make sense to pay for that level of performance. If anyone wants to donate I’ll gladly upgrade web hosting providers and try out WPengine and report back.

Update: I achieved a Google Pagespeed of A (the highest rating) for myself and another friend who has the same plan as me. I write the details on how to speed up your here in this post you don’t have to spend big money.

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