Need to capture a scrolling page like a webpage on an iPhone?

Need to capture a scrolling page like a webpage on an iPhone?

You will want to use Stitch It!. It works great.

I had to find a program that would allow me to capture a receipt from Lyft. I googled it and tried a few suggestions from webpages. Unfortunately many of them were no longer available or the solution did not work. Even though several places suggested this program I wanted something automatic. When you use Snapz Pro you get spoiled by having a one button ability to record a scrolling page.

So this is how it works. You simply take as many screenshots as you need, and then you can crop them this program and then stitch them together. The free version allows you to capture 3 screenshots. I only had two screenshots so that was fine for me. The professional version costs $2.99 and allows you to use more than 3 screenshots. Thats a worthwhile price for something that makes this process easier.

Of course you could use Adobe Photoshop, but then you would have to take time to transfer the photos to your computer, stitch them together and then send them out. I like that this does it quickly and because it is focused on this task, easier for the average person.

I don’t see any problem with this program in fact. It loaded quickly, the results looked professional. I don’t want to start a graphics program every-time that I want to capture multiple screenshots on the iPhone. I am not big on apps but they have their place. This is the first time I have needed to capture a scrolling window on the iPhone. If it happens again I might look for a different program if I end up with more than 3 screenshots. Its nice to see your options, and often when you look at options you find things that are better and cheaper.

I would recommend this program unless you are a graphics wiz and don’t mind taking more time to accomplish the same task. Still it is nice to have a variety of tools.

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