Which countries are getting technically more capable?

Which countries are getting technically more capable?

The quick answer is almost all of them. However what seems clear is that India and China are the fastest growth in technology.

We saw that for the last 30 years China has excelled at low end manufacturing. Now in the last 5 years China has premium brands. The Huawei brand for example has arguably a better laptop than Apple. However I will never buy it. Why? I can’t trust the company.

China has a made in 2025 policy that has encouraged technology development. There is also speculation that China steals US technology as well. We do know that the law in China says that companies have to release their technology to do business there. We also know that designs are copied by Chinese companies, so intellectual property is not respected. It is clear then why China would make rapid progress.

However with India we see something different. We see very brilliant Indian population getting education and doing what other companies do not want to do. This year they are taking over some of the iPhone manufacturing from China, and will no doubt be one of the US big trading partners. In fact I would bet that China will decrease as a trading partner since many people in the US feel that China is a risk to world economy and peace.

With a rapid growth of technology in countries we see the pressure on the US more clearly. No longer does anyone take the future of the US as a sure thing. Instead of innovating we have become stuck in technological dead ends and wasting time on trivial things. For example, we should have already had 5G networks but instead China and Huawei lead the 5G bandwagon. Why was this ever allowed?

The US for all its lip talk about innovation and the “survival of the fittest” we focus on things without any strategic plan. China has its 50 and 100 year plan, and we can’t even decide if we want to act on climate change. We miss the obvious things to take care of, and we don’t have the ability to see a future.

There is an old saying. Where there is “no vision the people perish”. Where is the vision folks?

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