Jealousy at work

Jealousy at work

Coworkers can be jealous and it never helps anyone.

I have had coworkers find fault with small things that don’t matter often in my career. It is really surprising because I value all of my coworkers for their skills and dedication, so why is jealousy such a problem?

I think I have some skills and I recognize there are many skills I don’t have. I try to learn something everyday but of course the field of IT is constantly changing. Little by little anyone can become an expert.

Still when people point out flaws me with I am patient and kind. There is no need to argue with someone. It only distracts from what is really happening. Have you noticed that the least talented people in the world love to argue? It distracts others from how poorly they do their job.

So how do I deal with jealously besides being patient and kind? Probably the most effective thing has been to sincerely compliment the skills of the people who act out. Many times I think people don’t hear they are valuable and so they start to question themselves. People who just start at a company for example want to show their boss they are smart. Well of course they are smart or they would have not been hired.

Rarely am I jealous with others. I think its because I recognize that I have a small gift of being kind and patient. That gift has helped me to be resilient in the face of adverse situations in life. Part of being a helpful employee is knowing that you don’t have all the answers, and I don’t have all the answers. I know what other companies have done, but that doesn’t mean it is the best choice for the current company.

Wanting what someone else has doesn’t help you. Either work to get what they have, or accept that who you are right now is good enough.

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