The joy of discovery

The joy of discovery

When you aren’t expecting something, you often experience the joy of discovery in life.

I was randomly surfing Youtube and working on something here at the blog at the time. I didn’t really care what music came up and Youtube creates mixes and seems to play music that is in the genre of whatever you have chosen before. So while I am working I hear a song I probably haven’t heard for 25 years. It was Don’t answer me by The Alan Parsons project.

I like several songs from that artist. Another one I really like is called Eye in the Sky. What is neat in life is that often you can rediscover something that you liked in the past and forgot about.

Besides discovering things on the Internet I like to discover things in real life. I often buy new foods at the grocery store and try new restaurants. I don’t think it is FOMO so much as just curious how things are. Do you ever have periods where you are really interested in some topics and then couldn’t care less later about it? Thats how I am. For example, I had a music service I really liked called Tidal and then I stopped it. When I was driving sometimes 4 hours a day, that much music was starting to become overwhelming.

I have shared before that at times I can become overwhelmed when I attempt to do too much. So when I get excited about a topic like music I often go overboard enjoying then. Then I pull back for a bit, regroup and continue with the topic. I think that one of my faults in life is sometimes not having a good balance in the past. I tend to go full throttle on a topic until it causes me some issue. Now with time, I have mellowed out and more moderate in my behavior.

Joy happens to you. You don’t create it by being happy.

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