Received letter in mail from past employer

Received letter in mail from past employer

I received a letter in the mail from a past employer. I was curious what it was about. Turns out that they had a data breach. I wasn’t surprised.

I will not say the name of the company because it is not my goal to shame anyone. Also because it doesn’t really matter who they are. The reason I am writing this is because as both an employee and customer I am disappointed.

Now of course I could say something like “I knew this would happen.” I am not going to do that because I can’t see the future. What I will say is that I warned my supervisor that we needed more security in the way in which the incident occurred. I was overruled and told that what we had was good enough. Again this is not to say that I was right or wrong, perhaps this would have occurred even if my suggestions were followed.

It is unfortunate but that company and many others I have worked for have had big problems after I left. To be honest they always had issues, but didn’t recognize them as serious as they were. One of the frustrating things in working in IT is that you often see very private and confidential things about a company and when you talk to management they don’t always share your concerns.

I never rejoice in problems that any company has. I am disappointed that any company has issues. If you work for a company you can’t hate them. No matter how badly they treated you I wouldn’t wish any harm on anyone. It doesn’t mean that I want to work for them however. I have shared before how previous companies have asked me to come back. One of them even said “We couldn’t find anyone as good as you.” Its nice to hear but it doesn’t make me want to return to an environment where I was mistreated.

When a former employer has problems and you shared your concerns with management years ago I have very little sympathy for them. Hopefully they learn, and if not, well hopefully they can find other jobs.

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