Spending money for WordPress developers not working well

Spending money for WordPress developers not working well

I thought that if I spent money to support the WordPress developers I had been using, I would get better service. It turns out that the experience was worse.

Too often popular plugins are terrible. I learned that vividly this week when I paid for a popular SEO plugin and then had problems with it. Their support said they fixed it, but the issue was still there. Also the support was terrible. I bought two themes from a company and they have major bugs and still issues their support couldn’t fix. So I requested a refund from the SEO plugin company and they instantly gave it. The other company said “I just changed my mind” and refused me.

So I talked to their payment processor about this problem. I also started a chargeback on my credit card. I don’t accept things that are broken. I deleted their software and throughly disgusted with their service.

First if you have buggy software you should proactively offer customers refunds who have problems.

Second if a customer asks for a refund you should gladly give it in hopes they won’t share their story like I did. How many lost sales is that?

Third every-time that you give a customer a bad experience after paying you decrease the likelihood they will pay for software in the future. This means that any product or service or even if you work at other companies, he will be less likely to buy.

It is so simple. We give companies money when they have a product that helps us. If the customer doesn’t perceive the software to be helpful, then you have failed in your job.

I will not let a matter rest until there is justice for a customer. Even if my credit card company rejected my request, that would not be the end of it. I would find a way to get the money refunded no matter how long it took. Listen companies, customers will not accept bad service.

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