Changing link text color on your WordPress site

Changing link text color on your WordPress site

I wanted to change the link text color on my WordPress site but my theme didn’t offer this option. So I googled it and I found this great solution so you can be changing the link color on your WordPress site. .entry-content a,
body.single-post .entry-content a {
color: #0081cc;
} .entry-content a:hover,
body.single-post .entry-content a:hover {
color: #7ad03a;

Yes I used a blockquote to copy this text. Here is where you put it. Go to Appearance > Customize and then in your theme Additional CSS. Paste this quote in there. Hit Publish and it becomes active if it didn’t become active already.

I hated trying to see the bold text against the other black text. Just want to see a blue link like I am used to seeing. I think ease of use is more important than something looking pretty.

Now that I have done this CSS change I might start to make some other CSS changes. I wonder what else I can do that will change things without having to add plugins? Love plugins.  Once again probably have spent way too much time researching and trying them out, but I find them really fun. I wish more software was could instantly add features by just adding a small plugin. That would be amazing.

The dirty details – Exciting subheading title huh?

Of course this may be an example of me trying to over optimize again.  I wonder when they are going to fix Project Gutenberg? I thought I would need it to make this quote appear so that it could be easily copied.  Then I remembered I used to use block quotes.

Let’s see I should add here that CSS is really an advanced topic and when you can do this kind of thing you really add value for a company. I know that many designers love CSS and feel incomplete without using it. Now I guess I am a mini designer. 

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