Avoid WordPress theme developer Themattic

Avoid WordPress theme developer Themattic

I bought two themes from WordPress theme developer Themattic. They both had bugs and terrible support.

I just bought a theme that I thought would be interesting. For both themes I have paid $100. For that amount I have gotten basically no support. I put in two tickets for each problem and the first issue was resolved by updating it, and the second problem is that I even though I update it, it says it needs to be updated.

I don’t know about you, but if you buy two things from a company and they both have issues with bugs, it doesn’t make you want to buy anything else.

So I am warning you to avoid them for WordPress themes. I will investigate other developers and switch themes because I am not impressed with their support. First they ask you to email them, and then say they may not respond to you in 48 hours. The first response is clearly a form response asking for the login/password to your site and then saying a generic fix. That generic fix wouldn’t have worked with mine because it was clear I had already installed the plugin. They failed to read what I had typed in.

I have wasted my time with this company and would never suggest for anyone to waste their time and money as well. It is unacceptable to treat customers by disregarding the information they have clearly included in the problem report. Often you feel when you contact a company that they don’t care. Now it is clear they don’t. They had a phone number on their website and when I called it, it just said to create a ticket on the website. That is useless and wasted my time further. Don’t have a phone number unless there is someone to answer a call.

Of course one option I have is do a chargeback since I didn’t get working software. I might do that depending on their lack of response.

UPDATE: I did a chargeback and talked to their payment processor Paddle. If I had known that they used Paddle I would never have bought from them. They denied me the refund, and when I spoke to Paddle, they approved it. Partly because I had told them I did a chargeback so their policies didn’t matter anyway. Everything that I have bought from Paddle has not worked and I discovered this after getting the full version only after buying it. Avoid this company!!

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