Struggling to justify buying a new MacBook Pro

Struggling to justify buying a new MacBook Pro

I am struggling to justify buying a new MacBook Pro. I am probably not the only one.

I shared earlier that I have a beautiful 2017 new Macbook Pro at work and I really enjoy it. It is the best mac I have ever used. It is quiet, has great sound from the speakers and the screen is easy to look at. It really makes my eyes feel good not straining to look. I able even able to play one of my favorite games Civilization 5 on it easily. I had to play that game to test CPU maxing out for a project I was working on.

I was thinking to myself I should buy this laptop for my home use. The laptop I have at home is a 2012 MacBook Pro and the keyboard is failing. One of the keys don’t work and several others are failing. I spent money last year when the hard drive died, but it doesn’t make sense to keep spending money on it. Of course I could use an external keyboard like a bluetooth one, but that really makes a laptop much more complicated.

So I went to B&H yesterday and looked at their 2018 Macbook Pros they had in stock. For me the 2018 is still wonderful. I don’t need the performance of anything more than the 2017 honestly. The 2019 would be wonderful, but the price tag of $2400 & $2800 is a tough pill to swallow.

I guess that is the big problem I have with the macbook. I love the mac. I have bought them for 20 years. However the prices are really a problem. Since I work in IT, it is very hard for me to justify buying a new mac. Is my personal old macbook pro still working? Yes, I can struggle with it for several more months.

One easy answer would be to take my work laptop home. Yes I could do that but traveling with a laptop always exposes it to damage and possible theft. I have found that keeping a work laptop at work and using a personal laptop at home to be safer for everyone. I once was a victim of having my iPhone stolen years ago so I try to avoid putting a companies assets in peril.

However bosses have told me it is ok if I want to take the laptop home, and it is no big deal if it gets stolen and that doesn’t reflect negatively on me. I guess to me, being given something is entrusted with a responsibility and that means that I have to do my best to protect the equipment I have been given.

To many people that may sound overprotective of a cheap laptop. Perhaps it is.

Another answer is to buy a $2000 2018 MacBrook Pro 15 inch or a $1300 2018 Macbook Pro 13 inch. I have to say that the 13 inch is an awesome size, but the power of the 15th inch is wonderful. Multiple cores, 16GB of ram, it really gives an IT person possibilities.

Still spending so much on something that is not strictly necessary was impossible for me to do yesterday. I have learned in life that after spending money I often regret my decision. Would I regret it being able to play games and not deal with the issues I currently experience? Am I just waiting until the other laptop completely fails and I have no choice?

I don’t know. I do know that even as wonderful as it is to use the MacBook Pro at work, I just can’t justify buying it for a few hours at night or the weekend. I wish Apple had a laptop that you could separate in half. Something you could take and leave the connected network/power behind. Like a docking station for the main power and then just a screen and keyboard. It almost is if I am asking for a MacBook Pro in an iPad form factor. Yes that would be nice but it would lose the premium things that make it worth the extra money.

So it looks like my decision is to wait and when the current laptop fails, then reconsider this decision. What would you do?

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