Cheap RV Living great channel on Youtube

Cheap RV Living great channel on Youtube

I have watched lots of great RV channels on YouTube but for the sheer volume of creative ideas Cheap RV Living is the best one.

What I like is that the people he features are often people who have turned away from the materialistic lifestyle. It is really remarkable that when people consider their needs, how often they say how little they need to be happy. I watch video after video of people who seem to embrace a simpler lifestyle, and one in which they are comfortable with the uncertainty that many people hate.

I also appreciate Mr. Bob Wells. He has the courage to help people and inspire people to really consider what they need to be happy. For example ever since I was a kid I wanted a Class A RV. Now that I am an adult, it is a real possibility. So one day I will have that, and explore the open road and work remotely. In the meantime I continue to learn and get inspired by this channel.

It is obvious that most of his interviews are people who love the RV lifestyle. They are brimming with energy and life and really seem to have grown into the RV lifestyle. For them, RV doesn’t seem to be about giving things up but just finding a way to continue to do what they love plus travel.

However some of the people he interviews say that for them their personal economic situation required them to have an RV lifestyle. I wonder how many people of the future will be traveling in an RV and suffering because they don’t have the money to afford a non RV lifestyle. It feels strange that a country in which so many of us have money, has so many where peoples basic needs are not being taken care of.

For that reason, it is hard for me to justify spending lots of money on myself. How can we ignore those in need and only focus on our own pleasure? One day I hope that we see each other as part of the greater human family and help everyone.

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