Why do we like corrupt people in power?

Why do we like corrupt people in power?

When you look at history and you see corrupt people in positions of power you have to ask yourself why this happens.

Of course the usual suspects are at play. Money is power, special groups and influences, and of course telling people what they want to hear. Isn’t it interesting that it only takes a liar to tell people what they want to hear and then abuse the rules?

There have been many people in power who have abused that power. Heads of state, heads of religion and even heads of small cults. I think that people like making other people responsible and then just seeing what happens.

I think that corrupt people are chosen because those in power can direct them in doing what they want. It is clear that the rich pull the strings of any real power in any place. I think the history of the world is the history of rich people trying to preserve their power.

I get it. If it were rich I would probably do the same. I would probably hurt others to maintain my own position. So when we interact with rich people they really have no reason to help the poors. It makes it all the more remarkable when people like Warren Buffet are so concerned and generous with their life and time.

I wrote before that I thought that those in real power, not the heads of state always used others to do their work. They are so clever in showing a little and then setting up a fall guy or scapegoat. I think that no matter how much you peel away at the veneer of power, human greed can never be overcome. There will always be someone willing to lie for money.

Corrupt people win because they appeal to the worst in mankind. Don’t support them in anyway.

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