Windstream has terrible support

Windstream has terrible support

Windstream has terrible support. Windstream is an Internet and phone provider in NYC. If you have unfortunately been a customer, you probably had a bad experience.

Every client that I have ever had has hated their experience with them. Today I called them because they showed a problem with the Internet connection and after waiting 20 minutes and making two phone calls I was told no one was available to help me and to call back later.

So now they are going to be switched to another provider. I will speak to the decision maker and we will quickly move from them. Every company I have helped transition from providers who don’t give support. What are we paying for if we don’t get help?

What is more is that big companies are often the most expensive pricing. I know that CDW and other major names are always more expensive than the competition. Often you have to find a young hungry company that wants to break into a dominate field, and you will have excellent service. I always suggest those companies because they have a great track record. Having great support usually comes with a great product as well.

Not always however. Take Microsoft and Office 365. I shared before how the level of technical support is uneven. Most of the time it is terrible, but sometimes you get lucky and someone who knows the product very well. I think that when companies have people who give good experiences they should lock them to that customer so that if they are available those calls get routed to that person. Some people just communicate or relate better to certain types of people.

Yes I know what you are going to say. Call centers are complicated enough without trying to make companies have dedicated agents. Besides call center people turn over so much that isn’t reasonable or practical anyway. I think it is. I think that if call center people have customers who prefer them, that shows their value and expertise. I would want to work in an environment where people appreciated me. Perhaps call centers are failing because they aren’t using this idea, and think that one person can appeal and communicate with every kind of person in the world.

Back on hold with Windstream and waiting for a tech support person to answer. Can you believe companies pay me to wait on the phone?

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