Why I don’t like Disney

Why I don’t like Disney

Mostly because I have seen that the “values” they teach hurt children, women and men.

Let us start with what the cultural consequences of their media empire do. It teaches women that they need a prince to rescue them and they are weak. It teaches that the appearance of “purity” means that someone is a good person. It teaches that stereotypes are true, and that any kind of indulgent wish you want you can have.

I can’t think of a more damaging idea that exists than what Disney provides. In the name of making money, they make the most stupid things possible and then convince people that their fantasy is better than peoples own imagination. For example, when I read Alice in Wonderland as a kid my imagination worked overtime imaging that world. Then I saw the Disney movie that was animated from 1951. What a letdown! That world was boring and predictable. Not the magic and wonder that Lewis Carrol created.

Disney takes only the surface of things and twists and distorts their meaning. No one who watched any Disney film would get the message or depth of any of the books they were based on. Even though I watched many Disney films growing up I never saw on that was better than the book I had previous read. In fact, I feel bad for people who watch those movies without reading the book. They only got a fraction of the real experience of the book.

People who don’t read cheat themselves out of the wonder that a book can provide. Disney has cheated children out of the joys of reading by providing these animations and movies. I know they have to make money, but when people only know classic fables by movies, they really miss so much. The most thing they miss is that their own imagination is stimulated, and that the book speaks to them, not the book interpreted by a corporation speaking to monetize their view of the world.

To me, Disney is the worst parts of capitalism. Rather than enjoy life, it says that you need to buy things to enjoy them. Nothing from Disney is free. If they care about children, how about making their parks donation based? If they want to minister to imagination, how about supporting and giving grants to creative artists?

No, it is clear Disney seeks to control and destroy. I hate monopolies and I don’t support them in anyway. Supporting Disney is supporting the worst things in our society.

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