Addicted to testing software

Addicted to testing software

I love to use the best software, so I am often testing new software.

I shared before how I liked Vivaldi and Brave browsers on the mac. I like both of them equally but using Brave now at client sites since it doesn’t crash like Vivaldi at some business sites. I surf for information as a large part of my job, so for the thousands of webpages I visit per day I don’t expect everything will work perfectly. Still Brave has been more reliable than Vivaldi.

I like the FOSS nature of Brave. I like that it is free and open source. I like the fact that open source tends to less subject to the whims of needing to show profits. I like that it has browsers on both the computer and iOS. I currently use Brave on the iOS and it is nice to have the same browser on both.

To me, Brave is as fast as Vivaldi. When I type a web address it immediately finds it and loads it. It is a pleasure to use. It is incredible to me, but the web continues to get faster. Not just because I’m on a fast Internet connection, but even on slow connections the web is very responsive. I remember that it used to take 15 or more seconds for pages to load back in the modem days.

Right now I have 5 browsers loaded on my mac. Safari of course is the default. I have Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi and Brave. I used to use Opera and it is fast, but not as fast as Vivaldi/Brave. This of course is too much, but I find that it can be helpful to have browsers when certain sites require them. For example, some sites say they are still only Internet Explorer 11 compatible so on a PC you have to have that older browser. I use Firefox version 59 because it supports Java, and some Information technology administrative management requires java compatibility.

I love testing things out and using the best software. “Sharpen the saw” and always have the best tools to make your job easier.

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