Being sick and how to still be part of a team

Being sick and how to still be part of a team

I have been sick too often in jobs that I have had. It is not fun, and it is always stressful.

Many times what I have been sick from were things I couldn’t control. Things like flu, shingles were at times very frustrating. If you have ever suffered from them you have my sympathy.

However even though you are sick, there is still pressure to perform and contribute as part of the team. Whenever possible I work at home during a sick day so that it minimizes the stress on the team. I also learn from the doctors how I can take steps to reduce or prevent getting sick.

I love learning things so I love being at work. It is great when you can make things happen. Even though I got a flu shot, I got the flu. I had chickenpox as a kid, so I got shingles as an adult. Nothing I can change about that except a vaccine which is really hard to order and get. I have had it on order for 6 months and it hasn’t come in yet. I just called the pharmacy and apparently there is a shortage so I’m still on the list when it comes in.

Anyway the goal is to show you are a valuable employee who cares about their job. I took a leave of absence for today as instructed. I understand that companies pay for things that are done. I have no problem not getting paid for time I don’t work. The last time I was sick with shingles I ran out of sick days. I told HR to not pay for the time I couldn’t work. I felt that was fair.

In the larger sense though, for people who have minimum wage jobs, this approach doesn’t work. It only works for me because I don’t need much to live on. I don’t mind not having money if that means I can get better and stronger in my health. My decisions are not right for everyone, but they made all the difference for me getting healthy and happy again.

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