Ever get hired for a job and then expected to do something else?

Ever get hired for a job and then expected to do something else?

I once was hired for a role at company and then I never got to do that role.

Instead I was asked to do something as an assistant for the person who held that role. It was fascinating. On my first day I expected to do the role, and the person that the company said they were frustrated with and would be fired was still there.

It turns out that the company wasn’t the right one for me, but I learned something very important in that experience. I learned that if the person that was supposed to be fired is still at the role when you start, you should quit that very day.

Ultimately I wasted my time at the company. Of course I did what was asked of me, but it wasn’t something that I needed or wanted in my career. While I did learn some technical things, I could have learned those technical things at the other opportunities that I had.

Why am I sharing this? I think that I and other employees have been given unrealistic expectations. The idea is that if you are loyal to a company, then will be loyal to you is not true. When a company lies to you about what your role is, then clearly that is not the role that you signed up for. When that happens, you don’t have a responsibility to do something once you have been lied to.

This frequently happens. For example, I started work at a company and no where did it say traveling in the job description. When I asked if there was traveling, I was told no. Then once the job starts, in the first few weeks they want me to travel. I did it, but had I known about it, then I could have made a decision about it rather than having that decision taken away from me.

Don’t think that the company has your best interests at heart. You may have only good intensions toward a company, but it is not always mutual. Ask carefully about what is expected of you. Not only your duties, but where they are to be performed and how much freedom you will have to accomplish your objectives. Too often job vacancies are there for a reason. The reason is that the company is not helping peoples careers but limiting them.

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