Truth is not based on convenience.

Truth is not based on convenience.

The world defines truth by what is convenient. Is that a helpful standard?

Many people say they are Christian and one part of the Bible they love to say at weddings is “the two will become one flesh”. The meaning of course is that when men and women marry they become one person.

Now let’s say this is true. Throughout history women have always been second class to men, and many people believe this is still true. For very long time in history women weren’t allowed to have property. Even in many places now in the world women aren’t allowed to have property.

So here is the problem I realized. If women are one flesh of man, then there should be no difference in how they are treated. Either the idea that the Bible had about being one person was wrong, or the Bible was wrong and men and women should be treated as better or worse than each other.

Truth does not depend on what is easy for society. Either women deserve to be treated with equal rights to men, or they do not. One society said that women “hold up half the sky”. Then decades later they demean them by calling them leftover women. Women are equal to men, no matter what the Bible or society says. Just because someone is born different than we are, it doesn’t mean respect isn’t given.

This issue is larger than how women are treated, or what the Bible says. As a society we allow arguments to be made that are utilitarian and useful for people in power. We say that immigrants steal jobs, when research proves they take jobs that US citizens don’t want. We say that we believe in the truth, but then we change our mind throughout our lives.

We have to be honest and admit that we know very little about everything. Some things should always exist. Everyone deserves respect, an opportunity to live, and the freedom from harassment. No one will ever convince me those are not universally true.

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