Preppers may be doing as much harm as beneficial things

I grew up in a community that was filled with preppers. Some religions emphasize preppers, and I can understand why this kind of lifestyle is attractive to some.

There are many reasons why I think prepping is popular. Obviously the current world situation makes people feel uneasy. People who have a life of luxury always expect that life to stop. People feel that there is safety in having things, and safety in gun ownership and defense training. There is also a ton of pride and manhood caught up in this. Men like to feel they are protecting their family, and they use this fear to manipulate their family into doing things that may not be for the best. Also they seem to be adrenaline junkies, and love playing games to feel they are prepared. There is also a touch of megalomania when these people think they would create a new society.

I get why people are afraid. I have had many dreams of the future with nuclear weapons and the effects of that. It is insanity what we have spent to create weapons to destroy the world hundreds of times over. However I don’t think that their feelings are the best guide to an assessment of the real risks.

The show will often say that the risks that they perceive are low or unlikely. While those are just opinions, they are based on other facts I have read as well. For example, some people feel that an EMP could knock out all electronics in a war. The problem is that there is not sufficient people skilled in mechanical things to life a non electronic lifestyle. Even with all the money in the world, trying to maintain a car that doesn’t have electronic components isn’t going to help.

Let’s say you could find a car that didn’t have any electronics. That car would most likely be from the 50’s/60’s. It wouldn’t have any of the modern safety inventions, so that would increase your risk of death due to a simple car accident.

Everything that I see these people doing doesn’t make me feel any safer. An underground bunker might be good if there is a tornado but not as a way to live. Having weapons and shooting people will just draw attention from other desperate people who hear the gunfire. Non lethal methods of defense just give them more time to figure out how to kill you.

The point of this article is really to say that while prepping may make you feel good about doing something, in practical terms I’m not convinced it really is going to help in an emergency.

Of course, be prepared for the future, but don’t let fear make all your decisions.