The downside of Imagination

The downside of Imagination

Everyone thinks that Imagination is always good. Is isn’t, and here is why.

One downside is that it makes you believe things that aren’t true. It is so easy to use your imagination to built a huge belief from a simple misunderstanding. This has happened to me many times. At times I sometimes have misinterpreted something and then made a mountain out of a molehill. I have to constantly ask myself, is what I am thinking or feeling reasonable? If I were on the other side of the story, what would I think of what I am thinking or feeling?

Another downside is that Imagination can make you ungrounded from the reality of most people. Most people don’t have an imagination, so when you do have one, the ideas and things you say are very surprising to them. Dreams, jokes, fantasies can seem so foreign for people who are not gifted with imagination. In many ways I think the failure of others to understand is their inability to imagine, empathize or put themselves in someone’s place.

As fun as it is to dream and think of things, it can also steal time away from what is most important. I know I daydreamed often in school. As much as I could really. While it may not have been a problem to daydream in school, daydreaming at work, or in other contexts could be unhelpful. Another danger is that daydreaming can take the place of the hard work needed to realize our dreams. So because someone can imagine so well and it seems true, why go through all the hard work?

The truth is that places like Star Treks Holodeck which turns dreams into reality, might also cause many people to not strive to create reality. I know that if that were available to me it would be temping to be part of that fantasy. I wonder how people will react when any fantasy they have can come true? I think they will act much like they do now.

Right now almost anything you want is available on the internet if you have money. Your dreams can turn into reality with money. I don’t think people have become better because of the Internet, but I don’t think they have become worse either. Just like any tool the Internet can help us to grow or close our minds and hearts. What will you choose to do with this power of choice?

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