WordPress Plugin update fatigue

WordPress Plugin update fatigue

I spoke before about finding a WordPress plugin that automatically updated my plugins. I loved that until one day a plugin update caused my site to go offline and I wasn’t around. I disabled that plugin.

Now the challenge is to keep the plugins updated. I feel like with the 17 plugins I have, I am updating them every week. Today for example I had 4 plugin updates waiting for me. I wish that WordPress had better plugin software updates.

In the past WordPress always had to be updated manually. Then an update fixed the ability of WordPress to update itself. I think that there should be a global setting now for Plugins and other aspects of WordPress. I would love to know that all aspects of WordPress are up to date. Things like Php, and other backend server options so that you can have the most secure site possible.

That wish might be in a future update. In the meantime, I have to press a button which is not so difficult in the big scheme of things.

I love WordPress in how flexible and user friendly it is. It is remarkable what a nice face they have put on website technology. I used to do my original website by hand using a HTML creation program. I forget the name of it, but it was a-lot of work. I had to manually do everything, and because the content was mixed in with the style, a pain in the neck to change the style. That was the old days. Now changing a websites style is very easy to do.

It is funny isn’t it to hear when people complain of white collar fatigue? They say things like I did above. Pushing a button-what a burden! It sounds ridiculous because it is. I recognize that this is only something that someone with white privilege and fortunate life circumstances can say. I feel incredibly grateful that my work in my life has lead me to this point. I am not trying to brag but rather share that when you work hard and are lucky, you get way more than you deserve in life.

For example, I have recruiters who contact me about jobs and ask what salary I want. What a privilege that is. In my first job my manager said “You are lucky you are getting this salary.” The truth was that the company couldn’t hold onto people due to the low salaries, and he was trying to make me feel happy with the low salary they were paying me. I couldn’t pay my old car payment with that low salary and living in Chicago wasn’t cheap. I had another company contact me and offer me $13,000 more and I jumped immediately.

We can get tired of doing things like updating WordPress plugins but don’t forget why we do all these things. It is to be useful to people, and our usefulness has no relation to what we are paid.

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