We allow unhelpful things to happen

We allow unhelpful things to happen

Often people complain about the state of the world. They say that the world is evil or getting worse. The truth is that we allow unhelpful things to happen.

We see people who are famous lie in a big ways. They say something contrary to the physical hard truth of a situation. Yet rather than not listen to them anymore, we forget what they said and give them another opportunity to lie. When people lie in obvious and big ways why should be believe them in smaller and and non obvious ways?

When someone lies to me I don’t get mad. I just note it and then never believe anything they tell me in the future. There is an old saying “Listen and check.” I listen to what someone says, and then I check to see if it is true. I have seen that most people just want to believe whatever is easy for them or emotionally beneficial. Very few people believe things that are not convenient, and even fewer believe things that challenge their other beliefs.

Let me give you an example. I have a hard time understanding people who believe the earth is flat. Yet there are people who believe that. With those people you just have to let them live in their own flat world. They really limit their own understanding and enjoyment of the vast universe.

We allow unhelpful things to happen when we don’t challenge what we have been told to believe. I know for a fact that due to research most people don’t travel more than 100 miles in their life. While this may work in someplace like NYC, it fails to work very well for almost everywhere else. When our understanding is so limited we can’t help but fail to challenge beliefs. I have seen that people who travel appreciate and understand so much more than people who have not. They have had their beliefs challenged and even if they don’t change, they are aware that their way is not the only way to live.

If our future of climate change problems and other social issues happen it is because each of us will have decided not to challenge the truth of what we have been told. I always challenge what I am told. It is not easy, but it has made all the difference in my life and happiness.

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