The music of life

The music of life

All around us is music, if we only have the ears to hear.

Yesterday when I was on the NYC subway I heard the noises of the subway turn into a symphony for a moment. It sounded like a song of oboe, triangle and violin and drums. It was beautiful.

I had traveled that route many times but never had heard it before. I wasn’t expecting anything but when you are open to life it surprises you.

So what I am suggesting is to be open to life and the surprises that it can give you. Why? Too often our limited ideas and imagination do not allow us to imagine our life in a way that can really make us happy. We think that life has to be our way in order to be happy. However the wisest among us realize that you can be happy no matter what happens in life.

I had a dream once that I was flying through the skies above the green hills. As I moved my body the music changed. Now I realize this might sound crazy but I am going to be honest here. Imagine 12 different classical music symphonies intertwined together. Each track of those 12 songs is distinct and different yet together they make a song that is clearly a part of my movements and life. I didn’t know if I was making the music, or just sensitive and being used to make the music like a recording needle moves as it creates a record.

I feature music on this blog because I am searching for music that moves me as emotionally and spiritually as that experience did. Music is a wonderful expression and being able to enjoy it is so precious. Many things we can enjoy in life, music is one of my favorites.

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