Acupuncture is a great and helpful experience

Acupuncture is a great and helpful experience

I have tried Acupuncture in the past and it is a great and helpful experience for many health issues.

The last time I used it I had a migraine headache that no over the counter medicine would fix. It was Sunday and my regular doctor wasn’t available, so I found a place that was open and visited it. She worked me over and the headache went away. I felt so relieved. Of course this was an expensive visit, and so I never went back to her again.

I had a friend want an acupuncturist and so I went online again and read reviews. I found one that I would go to, and suggested that one to her. She visited and and said it helped and was so impressed how much better she felt. So I will go to that one in the future when it is necessary.

I think it is amazing how many conditions acupuncture can treat. It has make my headaches better, felt better after eating food and many other issues. To me it has been the second most effective treatment I have had next to NMT. One of the most surprising aspects of it, is that regular use of it is addictive.

I had trouble in the past feeling good after I ate things. It turned out that was due to several issues but my doctor suggested acupuncture. I went for weekly treatments for months. I made great progress. It really was an exciting experience. Then the doctor said that I was ok and I was disappointed. I liked the peaceful and meditative experience of having the needles in me. It wasn’t painful, it was relaxing and a spiritual process of letting go.

Healing is not so much overcoming things as making peace with things. Acupuncture is a great way to do this.

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