Everyone can show compassion and kindness

Everyone can show compassion and kindness

I have had to go to LA to take care of some things and I am not fond of flying. When you grow up in wide open spaces, putting yourself in a tin can doesn’t rate highly. However strangely I don’t mind driving, and that honestly is in even less space than a plane. We don’t always make logical sense with our feelings do we?

It must be obvious to flight crews that people like me aren’t fond of being there. One time I took a flight and it was on a small DC-10. That is a very small plane I was not loving being there. I don’t drink and I asked the flight attendant if I could buy some alcohol. It wasn’t the time to serve drinks but he saw I was very stressed and he gave me something that tasted terrible. I drank it straight away and hoped for the best. I asked him when he came around how much it was and he said don’t worry about it, it was extra. I would have paid anything for that drink which helped me relax.

Another time I was in a plane and the snack I couldn’t eat because I was allergic to it, and the main course that I bought wasn’t filling. The attendant was talking to another attendant and was told that one of the passengers wanted a meal because he was asleep when they first came around to ask. I perked up immediately at this. I asked her if I could pay for that meal. She brought it to me and said it was extra and there was no charge. I was thrilled.

Still once more I was on a plane and stressed about being there. The flight attendant noticed and asked if I wanted an extra drink. I said sure and she brought me an extra drink. When I asked how much it was she said no charge.

I don’t expect to get anything free in life. I don’t expect that others are kind and always appreciate it when they are kind. In every job there exists some room for kindness. Find it and use it because it makes all the difference for your customer.

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