Respect isn’t understood by everyone

Respect isn’t understood by everyone

One of the hardest things in life to learn is that our reality isn’t others reality.

Respect isn’t understood by everyone. That has been made so clear to me in my life.

I have seen people who can’t understand the basic right of others to live. I have seen others who lack any compassion or ability to imagine themself in another persons life. I have seen people who when you tell them they are being emotionally abusive, say that it is ok. They even say that they get abused, and thats ok.

All the time we see apologists and others who excuse others inhuman and disrespectful behavior. We see people who threaten everyones existence just to get their childish way. We see people try to legalize discrimination on the basis of fear. We hurt those who are different from us, because we can’t respect them.

Respect is a gift. A recognition we are all human and that means certain rights. You can’t convince someone to respect someone.

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