What do we need to be happy?

What do we need to be happy?

Life is a process of discovering what we need to be happy.

Isn’t it interesting that as we become a more technological society that we raise the standard of what we think is required? Now if you don’t have a smartphone you are looked at as crazy. I don’t think smartphones are required. They can be helpful, but also harmful.

I think that when you expect material things to make you happy you are going to be disappointed. Research shows that people who are materialistic are less happy. In fact, it shows that being materialistic makes you more unhappy.

I thought an iPhone was interesting but I don’t like the disadvantages of using it. I try to put it down and relax and be open to life. Too often I look around and people are just on their phone driving themselves crazy with it. You know that using Facebook makes you unhappy right? Research shows social media makes people more unhappy.

I think back to when I didn’t have anything but a computer. I was thrilled to work on it and see what it could do. It was a challenge to get it to obey me. Now we seem that we are just obeying our iPhones and doing tasks that don’t contribute to our happiness anymore. We got caught up in what others were doing.

What do we need to be happy? For me, someone to love, something to do, and a future. Everything else is a bonus to me.

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