Storeyline Resumes worth supporting

Storeyline Resumes worth supporting

I had a friend just get finished with her Storeyline Resumes and it was great. You will love how good they make you look to potential employers.

I have to admit that I have paid companies before to work on my resume. I didn’t think they helped me any. I certainly didn’t get more jobs because of the money I spent. So I was naturally skeptical about their service. I considered doing it myself but when a friend did it, I was curious about their experience.

The process was an interview, a suggested draft, and then my friend made suggestions based on that draft. I thought the format and look was fantastic. I never saw a resume that looked like that. I had used and paid for online resume generators but they didn’t look at professional as what she received. It was unique but easy to read and compelling. People will want to read your resume just because of how it looks. I consider the online resume generators a waste of time and money.

I would like to reach out to any readers however who have any job openings for a talented masters degreed person. She is looking for a job that can sponsor her for a H-1B Visa. Please contact me and I will be happy to forward her LinkedIn profile to you. Her resume goes into much more of her talents than her profile does currently.

I would personally like to thank Robynn Storey who helped make this possible. I will be a future customer and I encourage anyone who wants to open doors to themselves to consider them to showcase your skills and talents.

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