Indeed Prime great for tech workers

Indeed Prime great for tech workers

Indeed Prime great for tech workers. You might want to check it out.

I really like that it automatically sends out your resume. It also gives you a workplace assessment test. It is a simple 2 minute test where you say you like or don’t like certain things. I am going to share my result because I thought it was accurate.

You naturally bring people together, and you always have unique and eclectic ideas for things to do. You are happiest around other people and are especially attracted to the creative world. You can find new and artistic outlets and share them with others. Happy in a group of people, you can find yourself watching out for everyone in the group, making sure they are having a good time. You have a big heart and are always thinking of thoughtful and unique ways to help others. Although you are happiest when surrounded by people you care about, you can also find peace when by yourself, especially when working on a project in which you become totally engrossed.

Now the purpose of sharing that isn’t to brag but rather demonstrate the kind of feedback it provides. Indeed not the prime part also has assessments that can demonstrate your skills to recruiters and companies. I understand that companies need proof of your skills. I am happy to do and take assessments if that helps companies feel more comfortable.

In some ways Indeed is better than LinkedIn to get a job. I have gotten more jobs from Indeed than from LinkedIn in the past decade. I like the fact that when recruiters contact you from Indeed they usually are more relevant than when contacted through LinkedIn.

Another reason why I use Indeed is there are jobs there that are not in LinkedIn. Conversely there are jobs on Linkedin that are not in Indeed. So if you want the best opportunities you have to look at both. At times you might apply to the same job twice. For some companies I have been told by recruiters that double applications will knock you out of consideration. So if you have problems remembering where you apply, you might want to start making a list.

Go take the assessment on LinkedIn Prime. You will be glad you did.

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