The downside of Dyson Vacuums

In the last two weeks I have used Dyson Vacuums extensively, and while I like them, they have some frustrating quirks.

The biggest downside is that the battery is so short. I used a wireless Animal 7, which has a real life time of about 15 minutes. That isn’t enough for most spaces. I also don’t like the small collection tank. It should be larger.

Yes of course the trade off is weight, but it is still very light. I would gladly trade heavier for more useful. The other annoying thing is how often it gets clogged. I have used it about 45 minutes max, and it has clogged twice in that short time. For a family, this could be more problems than it is worth.

In order to unclog it I had to take it apart and take apart the hairball. Clearly this needs a better design. Or better yet, it needs to be transparent where it is likely to get clogged so you can easily see the problem. It is dirty to pull the hair and dirt out and not a friendly design.

I do like that it is quieter than older vacuums but it isn’t quiet enough. The cheap plastic does not make it feel like the premium price you paid. The fit and finish are good but still cheap feeling. It should have come with more metal or at least the feeling of weight with a larger battery. I bet that would have given a better perception.

I have read that some people feel it is too complicated. I don’t think that, but I don’t like the way you have to clean the filter. For the price, they should have included two filters. No one is going to clean the filter because they are supposed to wait 24 hours to let it dry. With two filters they could always have a clean one because it would be dry. It is cutting corners in a dumb way.

For $200 is it worth it? I don’t think so. This is more of a toy than a real functional vacuum replacement.