Believe in people and you help them

Believe in people and you help them

We don’t have to do great things in life. Often just believing in others is enough.

I learned this from my friend who helped me understand many things about life. She believed in me during a time where I had some doubts about myself. It made all the difference in my life. I thought if she believed in me then those doubts must be wrong.

Everyday I try to help people believe in themselves. Today for example I was in a fast food where a new employee started. I spoke with her for a bit and I could sense she was a little nervous. Totally understandable. I once worked in a fast food place too long ago so I can relate to how she feels.

So while I was sitting and thinking I realized that if I complimented her it would help her feel better. So I said to her “I can tell that you are going to be great at this job.” She smiled and relaxed. I wasn’t lying. I saw her ask her supervisor what she should do when she didn’t have anything to do. That is something responsible and hardworking employees say.

She thanked me for saying that, but it didn’t matter if I had her thanks or not. The fact is that everyday you can be kind. It doesn’t have to benefit you, and you don’t have to think how it can benefit others. Just being kind if it helps someone, is enough.

Many times my kindness has been called sweet. I don’t look for a compliment when I do something. I do it because it feels like a helpful thing to do. If you want kindness to work it can’t be selfish. Kindness is only authentic when you think of the other persons welfare, not your own.

You believe in people when you listen to them. When you ask how they want to be helped. When you show that their welfare is just as important as your own. It is more than a friendly gesture, it is a deep commitment to the universality of the human race. We are all here because of each other, and we should always do all we can to improve the world.

What have you done today to support and help those around you? What has someone done for you that you could thank them for? Being grateful for help you have received is the other part of this. I am very grateful for all those who helped me. I have rewarded them in the way they wish to be paid.

I want my life to mean something more than I just consumed things. Don’t you?

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