Want to learn Excel 2016? Free resource

Want to learn Excel 2016? Free resource

Excel can be very useful in your career to differentiate yourself from others. If you know this program it can open doors. I have seen it in past companies.

So I searched and found a great high quality free resource to learn it. Why should you learn Excel? I have seen in my career that people who know excel are higher paid than others with similar skill sets. They tend to support cost-saving initiatives at a company, which is crucial for any company having financial issues. It makes those people indispensable when layoffs start to happen.

If you have worked in an office then your skills with Word, PowerPoint or Outlook are a given. This is just a sample of the great videos they offer in that series. Showing a boss or even an interviewer that you are an Excel expert will help move you to the top of the stack.

I have noticed that whatever is difficult in business is highly paid. So if you struggle a bit to learn this content, just be patient and allow yourself time to adjust. I suggest a video a day will allow you to best learn this new software. More than that, and it has been my experience that most people get confused.

The only ones who don’t get confused are geniuses and there aren’t too many of them in the world. Anyway, even if you are a genius it might help to view one a day. It is surprising but often sleeping on something helps it all come together the next day.

Or maybe that is just me. I have found that sleeping on something and then trying the new skill the next day is a great way to learn. It is fun to sit at Excel now and not be intimidated by it. You will feel great as you start to understand more as well.

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