Dealing with Level 1 support

Dealing with Level 1 support

If you have to work in IT you deal with Level 1 support all the time. It is almost always a waste of time.

I understand that companies want to discourage their customers taking up the time of valuable and highly paid employees. However often that is exactly the person that you need to speak to. All the stuff you have to do to get to that person just wastes your customers time.

I can’t think of the last time I have called into a companies support without trying all of the basic solutions. So when I call Vonage for example, I don’t want to hear the most basic solutions. First I tell the support person I am in IT and I have done the basic troubleshooting. Then I tell them what I did. Normally they agree I need to be talking to someone else.

Over and over IT people like me call places and get told the same stupid and time wasting advice. What companies need to do it to route calls from known experts into a different que. Then it reduces the amount of time that is wasted.

The problem is that when there is an issue time is money. For example, Spectrum an ISP is terrible in NYC. So when a branch is down it takes too much time for them to respond by phone. Then that delays the response for our customers. When Internet service goes down ISPs should be legally required to text or email customers and tell them, and then credit them for service not received.

It is funny isn’t it? Employees are told that they are only paid while they are working. However for businesses different rules apply. We are told we have to pay our utilities no matter if we have electricity, heat, or Internet or not. Why not have the same standards for business that individuals have? Isn’t that truly a capitalistic system?

I bet I have spent years talking to people at the first helpdesk who didn’t know what they were doing. Time I spend educating them so they could do their job and help me with my own issue. What about the time for that? Companies that educate other companies employees should get a credit for the service. Anytime that you show someone how to do their job, then you should get a credit for a day for that favor.

The bottom line is educate those you work with to better help you. Anticipate and answer questions and offer suggestions when they seem stumped. Remember we are in the glories of capitalism!

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