Talking on the phone a dying art

Talking on the phone a dying art

I have heard some people say that only old people talk on the phone. From their point of view they are right.

I grew up pre-internet and the phone was the way you got information. I used to spend hours on the phone with my friends. I enjoyed being able to share ideas and things while doing other things. To me, it seemed the best of both worlds.

Then the Internet came and people preferred to chat in text. Then apps came and they wanted to chat on programs. Then they started to abandon the phone. Even in business the phone is only used if email/text can’t solve the problem.

I don’t like this. I know that people are free to choose whatever form they wish to communicate, but words on a text are so hollow of meaning and fun. I always call people and would rather talk to them than email. I don’t text. If someone texts me I tell them I don’t text and I call them. I don’t want to be just words on a screen.

I understand that people prefer to text for many reasons. Some are shy, don’t wish to be bothered, may use phones in their job like customer service or feel awkward on the phone. Whatever someone does in their life is fine. For me, I wish to know people by talking with them. When people don’t wish to talk, I don’t have much interest in them.

To me, talking requires some trust and vulnerability. I like that things can be awkward at times. That is part of being human. I have dealt with lots of awkward people. It is ok to not come off as smooth and polished all the time. We all are works in progress. Talking to me is part of the flavor in life. What use is communicating information with no personality?

Robots are fine and will be interesting when they arrive. I do not want to become like one in my communications.

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