Nextlevel burger a great place in Brooklyn

Nextlevel burger a great place in Brooklyn
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If your impression of Vegan food is something that is bland and boring, you haven’t eaten here.

I had a Mesquite burger and sweet potato fries and it was delicious. The dipping sauce was flavorful and spicy and addictive. This had no meat in it, but was one of the best burgers I’ve eaten.

One of the exciting things about this place is that it is so clean and friendly. Many times fast food places are dirty but this place was spotless. The employees were very friendly and customer service was great.

I have eaten here twice and I will be returning tomorrow. I think that it is better than another Vegan place in Brooklyn called Toad. It is much faster, and the prices are reasonable.

I don’t have any reason not to go back. If you haven’t ever tried Vegan food this would be a great introduction.

No they are not paying me to say this, I am just impressed and think you will be as well. Their Yelp rating is almost at the max.

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