Using HD cams for video conferencing

Using HD cams for video conferencing

It is common for companies to use cams for video conferencing. What is surprising is how often those cameras are of such poor quality.

Even when companies buy HD cameras there are many issues that prevent video conferencing from being clear. In most companies where I have worked, video conferencing is a pain point. It is something that is difficult no matter what technology is used.

Yes I can hear IT people saying, what do you mean? Things are more stable than ever. That is true, but for the average person video conferencing is still difficult. The different type of computers that join, the increased use of wireless connections, the desire to do audio as part of the video instead of through phones all complicate this for people.

For the last 20 years people have suffered doing group video conferencing. Very expensive systems have been used in many companies, with poor results. The clearest video I ever saw was on a very high end Crestron video system. That was almost perfect when it was working. The problem is that it was temperamental and it often needed to be rebooted.

Cheaper software solutions rarely have good experiences. Yes they work, but audio is often poor quality or the video or transfer of files is just terrible. Skype, BlueJeans, Hangouts (which is ending-Thanks Google!) Gotomeeting, Webex, Citrix dedicated hardware all have their issues. I think Webex is the easiest for the average person to use. Skype had failures, and often forces updates while you are using it. It isn’t a reliable program in my opinion.

Facetime is now an exciting option that it can support up to 32 members in a group room. However most companies won’t use Facetime in the boardroom or meeting place. What I have noticed is that most companies prefer Webex. I think this is because it has been around and has name recognition. Hangouts was threatening Webexs popularity, but since Google is killing it soon it will be forgotten.

Crestron is too expensive for most companies. BlueJeans doesn’t have name recognition. It is interesting but just doesn’t have the marketing behind it. I think that Skype will take over even though Microsoft products are unreliable. People will always choose easy instead of reliable or safe.

Update: I forgot about Lifesize. I had some experience with that. I liked that. This is my favorite option.

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