Have a big monitor and get tired of manually managing windows?

Have a big monitor and get tired of manually managing windows?

You might want to try this Windock. It is free and has some great reviews. Update: If you have a Mac use Magnet.

Why would you want to use something more than the default Windows way of managing windows? Using multiple windows is an easier and more intuitive way to work. For example, have you ever had to move files from your computer to another location? Something like online with a locally synced folder or to an external USB or hard drive? Having two Windows File Manager windows open makes this very easy.

After installing this program I was able to easily grab the top window and move the windows into new configurations. They snapped to the corners of my screen, and even to the sides and middle of the screen. Making the screen either a 4 window screen, or a three column window screen. That was without changing any of the default rules. You can change it further if you want. For most people this is a major advantage to just the plain split window view that is default in Windows.

Having multiple windows is standard for most people now. It is common for people to use multiple applications. If you work someplace and don’t have multiple monitors you probably are working for a company that is behind the times in other ways as well. Almost every company I have worked at for the last 15 years has had multiple monitors.

Having a window manager gives you advantage of using multiple monitors. It helps you manage the way you deal with information. Since many applications have terrible window management, this can help companies as well that have older or special applications. At the very least, it gives people some measure of control over their workspace and so can help empower people to feel more productive.

Sharing tools like this with the power users in the organization help spread it throughout the company. You can give people tools to be efficient, and see if they adopt them.

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