A tale of slow internet

A tale of slow internet

Internet providers are not your friends. In fact, they often are the enemy.

I worked for a company once that had a very slow Internet. It didn’t make sense to me because they supposedly were paying for a connection that is twice as fast as my Fiber connection at home. My fiber connection is 100Mbps and their connection was 200Mbps.

So I immediately realized something wasn’t right. I asked around seeing if any applications were in use that were transferring data in the background. Many companies have heavy file or video use that slows down their connection. Not this company. Then I did some testing, and it was definitely not right. They choose Spectrum and it was not a good experience dealing with them.

The biggest problem with fixing this issue is that Spectrum insisted on doing all kinds of stupid tests. Those tests indicated there was a problem with their Cisco equipment. When they finally sent two techs here after wasting 3 hours of my time, the techs had problems. In fact, after 3 days of working on this after hours, it turns out the problem was the equipment.

The device they were using to share the Internet was a Cisco 2921. Now to computer people they will recognize that as an old device. It was end of lifed in 2006. At the time it might have been ok, but in the 12 years it had been used, it was inadequate for what it was being asked to do.

Now the company didn’t know that. It wasn’t the companies job to recognize the limitations in hardware. It was Spectrum Enterprises responsibility. They replaced the device with something newer and then the Internet speed is normal. However for all that time they had been paying, they were not getting what they had paid for. Now Spectrum in NYC had a court case that its clients weren’t getting what they paid for. Clearly Spectrum for business can’t be trusted based on these experiences.

I will never support Spectrum in the future or suggest it for anyone else. Why do businesses treat their customers as though they don’t deserve what they are paying for?

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