Learning a new language

Learning a new language

Have you ever learned a new language? Studies show there are several advantages to doing so.

The biggest advantage is that you get to know another culture and its people. That is really rewarding when you can do that. Given how important the US relations to other countries are, it makes sense to be able to appreciate and understand another persons culture/language.

I have some familiarity with Spanish/French, so the new language I am learning is Mandarin. Surprisingly it is not as foreign as I thought it would be. I downloaded a great app that is free for two weeks on the iPhone. It is called FluentU. It can teach you many languages. Already I have learned 20 words. For a year it costs $200 which is fair to learn another language. There are lots of great practices and audio/visual so I think anyone could learn from this system.

What I find learning another language is that many of the ways that we think language works doesn’t really work that way. For example in Mandarin you don’t have to use articles like “the”, “and” and so on. I never liked using them in English, so to not have to use them is fantastic. In some ways saying things in another language is easier. Only one time has it been more complicated to say something in Mandarin than in English.

When you learn multiple languages you see that certain rules are common in countries. Mandarin has a formal and respectful “you” just like Spanish. In english we don’t have a formal “you”. However other languages do. It is interesting when you can use those. For example saying hello is “nin hao”. You are saying “good you”. Isn’t that funny to think about?

I have shared many articles about China in past. I used to think that Russia would be the US partner in the past. Now it is clear it will be China that the US trades with. China is clearly the future.

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