Taking care of printers in business

Taking care of printers in business

Printers are an afterthought in most businesses. I wonder why?

If a printer is crucial to business then why aren’t they taken better care of? In every business I have worked at, printers are rarely maintained, and never fixed until they break. I’ll give you an example.

In one business I worked at the printer was a few inches off the floor. Since it got dusty it stopped picking up paper. I cleaned it but it needed new rollers and a new position. Unfortunately the manager was on vacation so I couldn’t get the printer moved. I followed up later to request the printer to be moved.

In many places companies will subcontract the maintenance of printers out to a third-party. This is ideal. It means that a qualified and professional person who has the necessary parts makes the job simple. It is not worth the time in my opinion for the average IT person to try to be a printer technician. Especially in smaller companies, it just makes more sense to pay for it to be fixed, or replace the printer.

In one company, they kept trying to fix printers who had seen the end of their lives. Printers that should have been replaced years ago. The waste of money they spent repairing those and people who couldn’t work was just so useless. When I started in that job, printer issues where the most common IT issue that was faced, and after replacing some printers printer issues were a rare issue.

It makes more sense to think long term with any IT issue. You can certainly keep something working, but after a certain point, it just makes sense to repair it. Remember the printer that I fixed before? I had suggested to have a professional fix it, but I was overruled by the decision maker. My fix temporarily worked, but not at the speed at which the printer used to run at. That is the risk of a cost of a non professional printer repair.

The next time the printer misbehaved I had to call that company that I wanted to call in the first place. I paid for it out of my personal funds because my boss didn’t want to pay for it. I am not opposed to paying for things that need to be fixed even if not approved by management. Every job requires you to pay for things that need to be fixed, when management doesn’t understand the importance of doing it.

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