The ugliness of ignorance

The ugliness of ignorance

I do my best to help dispel ignorance, but often I feel that people want to be ignorant and suffer.

It is remarkable that when you talk to people what they can say. People feel justified in saying anything, no matter how ignorant it is. I think ignorance is the worst kind of situation for people. We can make mistakes, we can misunderstand, we can even be evil people, but ignorance is worse than any of them.

To me, the fundamental problem of the failure to love others is our ignorance. People feel that a particular political party, ideology or philosophy is the truth. They try to see the world through that lens, no matter how poorly it fits.

An example will help here. I was talking to someone who wanted to bring up politics and they said things that weren’t even factual. I will not get into specific things here, but I believe in facts. I believe in the merits of things. I believe in science and what is useful to people. I don’t see the point of discussing anything, unless we approach it from factual point of view.

Yes, I can hear some people say you put your faith in facts, in reason you stupid Vulcan. I do not. I also believe in the unknowable, the mystical, the divine. However as a point of adult conversations, the unknowable isn’t easily discussed and certainly a difficult public policy to follow. What is the most reasonable foundation for adults of different points of view to use to come to consensus? I think when you discuss things that studies and science show are helpful, it helps to fix the real issue at hand.

I love that the scientific policy is to question things. I love that it helps to always question what you hold true. Too often people dogmatically want to claim they have the truth, and with the thousands of different religions/points of view, what is the truth? The truth is that which we can agree on, which are facts.

I understand that people would rather discuss anything other than facts. It helps to perpetuate their ignorant small minded view of the world. I have an ignorant small minded view of the world as well. However I am learning from my ignorance. Do you learn and challenge your own ignorance?

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