TP-Link tech support is terrible-avoid

TP-Link tech support is terrible-avoid

If you are thinking of buying something from TP-Link you might want to think twice. The tech support is terrible.

A client wanted to save money and it was suggested they buy a 48 port POE TP-Link device. It cost $600 compared to $3000. So they liked to hear that, and bought it. One of the devices was configurable and the second was not. I was told that the other IT person spent two days trying to get it to work. He asked me to take a look.

I looked at it, and based on what the company said to do, he was doing it correctly. I spoke with technical support and on the 50 minute call was so painful. She did not understand English well, and she barely understood how a router functioned. Finally she said she couldn’t help me further and I would get an email from a level 3 person.

I never got a response. A switch like this is used in business and unlike its competition, it doesn’t seem to care about response times. Every other switch company responded in 4 hours. TP-Link is completely unacceptable for business support.

The first rep emailed me hours later asking and repeating something she had already told me. It started to work even though the same process had been followed earlier. It doesn’t inspire confidence in the reliability.

The cheapest business switch I ever bought was a Netgear. It worked great. I was very pleased with the performance. It was an unmanaged switch and a simple network with 50 computers. It was so much cheaper than the HP or other models at the time. My boss wouldn’t let me buy the expensive switches even though I shared that we would have better performance by spending money.

Many times bosses don’t seem to care about performance when the cost of the device is 2 or more times than the alternative. Even though as IT we care about quality, it often falls on ears that don’t care. The clients priorities are my priorities, so if they don’t want to have the fastest and instead save money that is their priority.

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