This is about a white guy who tries different drugs and tries to approach it from a scientific point of view. What surprised me is that there is a strong spiritual aspect to it.

So far in every drug experience he has had, he seems to find meaning and purpose in it. It is hard watching this and trying to determine if these superstitions and behaviors by natives are real or imagined. In our scientific way, we believe we have a superior kind of perception. I don’t claim to have any special insight in reality. I can’t determine truth, but it is interesting looking at different points of view.

As a rule I avoid drugs. Yet there are many times that my life would have been far worse off if I hadn’t taken drugs. I used to suffer from asthma and had an inhaler as a kid. I probably would be dead without drugs. I certainly can’t say that drugs are worthless. I have paid a ton of money investigating and using non drug remedies to be healthy. They have worked very well for me. I think that life requires flexibility.

Let’s return to the idea of what Hamilton is doing. He wants to show the value of drugs by showing the meaning and effect it has on his own life. Part of me feels that he is doing this as a game and insincere. The other part makes me think that he really is trying to find meaning in his very scientific life. I think both are true. What makes me curious is that while he is educating the viewer, I wonder if his drug explorations might be more long lasting with introspection?

Not everyone has the ability to be introspective. Perhaps people like Hamilton need a drug push to help them realize the limits of their thoughts and feeling. If drugs help people grow and love more, I’m all for it.