Did you forget your Apple password? You might be visiting an Apple store.

The Apple ID password used to be easily reset-able at the Apple ID page. Apple has since made a change where they directly contact you on your iphone/ipad in order to reset the device. However if your device is having problems, this system no longer works.

I was helping a client today who brought me an iPhone and couldn’t put in her Apple ID. She forgot her Apple ID, and I couldn’t reset it from the Apple webpage. The backup for this situation is to use the passcode, but that didn’t work either. So I had her go to the Apple Store since the webpage said that the Apple store could reset her account from another iPad at the Apple store. She is at the Apple store and calls me and they tell her that she needs proof she owns the device. She didn’t have it, so she comes back to work since it is a corporate owned device.

Tomorrow she is going to go back to the Apple store with either the proof of ownership, or the person who can prove they own the device. At the very least, he will order her a new phone tomorrow if the Apple store can’t help them.

Now the device I should say is an iPhone 5 and the time that has been spent on this far exceeds the value of the phone. I would say that the company would be ahead by just buying her a new phone. However I don’t get to make that call. So probably after wasting the managers time tomorrow, she will get a new iphone.

I have actually used the Apple system myself to reset an iphone from an ipad and it works well when both the iPad and iPhone are working. They should have left the option to reset the password from the webpage. This is really going to be a problem in the future for corporate users of iPhones.