Audio Visual and Apple TV in corporate settings

Audio Visual and Apple TV in corporate settings

Apple TV in corporate settings works pretty well when they are managed well.

Unfortunately what normally happens is that they are setup haphazardly and then never touched again.

Fortunately with Apple School and other software you can manage Apple TV from a distance or even with other systems like Crestron. So Crestron AV is used in many corporations and it is a nice system that handles Audio and Video and meetings pretty well.

What works even better is LiveStream. It has great reviews and people who have used other systems love it. I have used many systems in my career and they have serious drawbacks. They are complex for the average person and probably the most reliable system has been WebEx.

I haven’t really had a WebEx ever fail no matter what system it was being used with. It is easy enough for people to accept and more reliable than Skype. I like it more than Skype, but understand people who prefer Skype.

Many organizations love Hangouts. That is popular and easy to use as well. Google has privacy and security concerns, but nothing is perfect. I think that it is easy to see why many schools prefer G-suite products. I worked for one company who used it for the Museum and for the most part it worked pretty well.

There are many great options out there for companies to use. I think that you really have to understand the culture, and the willingness of the staff to learn software. Many superior software never gets used because it is perceived to be too complex. This is unfortunate since it can be a real financial and technical solid option.

Many companies I have worked people have used some less popular options like Teamviewer and Facetime. Those can be interesting, but since few IT people have experience with them sometimes less reliable.

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