LinkedIn connections that seek to take them outside of LinkedIn

LinkedIn connections that seek to take them outside of LinkedIn

Have you ever had someone contact you on LinkedIn who wanted to talk to you outside of LinkedIn? This has happened to me several times.

The most recent experience was a woman who I had never spoken with before. Her profile was new and it had no real information or connections. Clearly a red flag. She messaged me and asked if we could text. I was curious what her goal was and the process she was using. So I went along with it and said yes.

She texted me but would never call. It has been my experience that scammers love to text but when you call them, then the truth is revealed. When I called the number I was texting it was from a service that scammers use to appear local. So it was clear what she was doing.

A few days later her profile was removed from LinkedIn. She hasn’t contacted me since and it seems as though her main interest was in seeing what kind of job I had. It was a complete waste of time and next time I won’t engage these kind of people.

On a related note, because I list my personal email address in my LinkedIn profile I get lots of emails that are vague. Things like “respond because we have a business proposition for you.” Listen, if you want me to do something or offer me something than just say it. I am not going to play games with you to find out what you want to tell me.

More generally, people who do require you to respond for details I have never found them to be useful. They have always been a waste of time for me. If someone doesn’t lay their cards out on the table at the start, then I don’t have any reason to engage with you do I? Everyones time is valuable and I am not going to waste mine.

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