I have spoken about being efficient many times before. I wanted to highlight ways in which I have discovered are efficient for companies I have helped.

Vendor support – The support of the vendor is critical. Some vendors are just outstanding with support. For example, anytime I have had to work with Airwatch support they have just been amazing in instantly having the answer. Few companies match this level of support. Most companies require complicated and time consuming tickets, and then don’t promise a same day resolution.

Standardization – If you can use off the shelf software and hardware this is a huge step. Many companies might need a custom setup, but often this is a matter of perception more than reality. Those with a custom setup have demonstrated needs that aren’t solved by OTS (off-the-shelf) solutions.

Replication – Many times information needs to be shared among many people. This information needs to be protected and stored in a safe and secure way. Online services do a better job at this than local services. Many IT people argue against using cloud services, but almost every cloud service has been more reliable than any locally provided service.

Cross training – This is such an overlooked area. I always share what I learn with my coworkers and rarely get that same level of detail shared back to me. No matter. When one of your staff is sick or even busy taking care of an emergency you can always feel secure that someone else is going to jump in and help.

Consider Time/Resources/Creativity – You always have time, resources and creativity to do your job. I have always found ways to make those work for me. For example, you can refer to things you have already done. No need to always reinvent the wheel. You can use resources to leverage your time, like administrative systems, and you can creativity think of ways to achieve your goal. I have always found ways to achieve goals even when I didn’t have time or resources. When you want something, there is usually more than one way to get it.