A run in with police and forgiveness

A run in with police and forgiveness

I had a run in with a policeman once, and here is what happened.

I lived in an apartment building with assigned parking. The spots had numbers on them so it was clear who should park where. One day when I got home there was a car parked in my spot. Fortunately it had a number on it since it belonged to a business so I called the owner. The owner came and moved it.

While I was waiting for the owner he mentioned that he had two spots for his vehicle to park in. Unfortunately since someone illegally parked in one of his spots, his workers choose to park in my spot. It turns out that the person who illegally parked was the personal car of a police officer. I could tell because on the dash was a police sign implying that the car had a right to park where it did. It did not have the right to park there since the owner of those two spots verified the number with me.

So I am waiting for the owner to come and move his van and a guy comes out. It turns out it was the officer who owned the car. I asked for his badge number so that I could report him. He begged me not to report him. My friend encouraged me to let this go and so I forgave him and let it go.

I believe in the rule of law if that is the law we agreed to. It doesn’t matter who disobeys the law. If we as a society believe in the rule of law, then lets do it. I don’t have a problem breaking laws that I consider unjust, but only when it will save the life of the person in the immediate circumstance. So for example a baby stuck in a hot car, of course I will break the window and let him out.

You have to forgive people even when they break the law. I hope that he learned an important lesson and this doesn’t happen again.

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